2,000-Year-Old Chinese “Old Testament of Natural Health” Finally Deciphered! Revealed Inside: Secret Fixes to the 2 Deadliest Blood Sugar Traps…

“If My Blood Sugar Is Keeping Me From Living My Life…

…Why Not Just End It All Right Now?”

That terrifying thought went through 58-year-old Jason Owens’ mind just last October.

His blood sugar had interrupted his life for years, forbidding him from eating his favorite foods… and then from eating just about anything that tasted good.

And it lowered his energy to where he felt exhausted all the time.

He’d almost gotten used to it…

But now, Jason’s blood sugar worries were isolating him, forcing him to be alone.

His tight dietary restrictions stopped friends and family from inviting him over for cookouts or even just for dinner.

And his low energy forced him to abandon his hobbies and even kept him from playing with his granddaughter.

It broke his heart when she asked him,

“Grandpa, why can’t you come to the zoo with me?”

What was he supposed to tell her?

It felt like a chore just to leave his house, and it was getting to the point that he had to catch his breath after just walking up the stairs.

One chilly October night, Jason wondered:

If life was going to be lonely, isolated, and trapped until he died why shouldn’t he go ahead and take his own life right now?

I thank God every day that Jason found me when he did.

Hi, my name is Dr. Ryan Shelton, and I’m going to tell you the story of how Jason’s stress over his blood sugar almost cost him his life and almost broke his granddaughter’s heart…

And how his life – and health – were saved by blood sugar secrets contained inside an ancient book called…

The “Old Testament of Natural Health

Written by the Father of Chinese Medicine, it was hidden in plain sight for thousands of years.

When it was finally discovered and deciphered, it revealed the little-known worst enemies of healthy blood sugar - what researchers are calling “The Two Deadly Blood Sugar traps.”

It also revealed an Asian flower – related to the buttercup – that fights those two traps to support healthy blood sugar.

I’ll show you both of these discoveries in the next few minutes and how they can help you maintain healthy blood sugar.

Because these discoveries saved my friend Jason’s life… and now they’re sending shockwaves through the world of health.

And they’ve helped people like Oscar R., age 60, from California, who said:

“Before I found this presentation, I was always tired and did not feel good. I needed some help but didn’t know what to do, and I was sick and tired that my blood sugar levels were so high all the time.

Since I found this presentation, my blood sugar levels are way better. Now, I’m not afraid to see my doctor to get checked out. My numbers are in the high 90s-100s, when they had been 200 and higher all the time. Don’t be afraid to try this—it really works!”

They’ve also helped Rosanna M., age 71, from Australia, who said:

“Having recently had my doctor tell me my blood sugar was out of control, I was at a very low point in my life when I found this presentation. I consider myself healthy, so I was really shocked to find that my health had deteriorated to such a poor level.

I started following this presentation’s advice about 2 months ago, and I was skeptical. However, much to my surprise—and to my doctor’s surprise—every time I get my blood tested, the readings come back as normal. Health professionals are amazed at my results.

You should give it a go—if you think of all the horrible chemicals you put into your body via mainstream medicine, you have nothing to lose. It can restore you to good health!”

With results like this, these discoveries are sending a shockwave through the world of health.

But the mainstream medical industry wants to sweep these discoveries back under the rug.

They DON’T want you to know how dangerous these Two Blood Sugar Traps really are…

They DON’T want you to know the Chinese flower that makes it dirt-simple to support healthy blood sugar…

They DON’T want you to know that this flower could be growing in your own backyard, right this very second.

They know that once people learn the truth, they’ll be free to use these natural secrets on their own to maintain healthy blood sugar.

Their lawyers would love to have this special report taken down, so make sure you keep reading while it’s still up.

Because you will want to hear about how these discoveries saved Jason's life…

And how they can turn your own life around.

Now, you might wonder how an ancient Chinese book could shake up the health world so severely.

But once you know who the author is, you’ll understand why.

You may not have heard his name, but he influences your health every day. He’s probably even saved your life.

The writer was Shen Nong, the Father of Chinese Medicine.

Researchers searched desperately for his lost scroll for thousands of years.

They knew Shen Nong’s lost book – this “Old Testament of Natural Health” – would change the world.

After all, his few writings that survived had already changed the world so much…

He was the first doctor in history, the first to devote his life to the health of others.

He created acupuncture, which has since soothed the ailments and improved the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

He was even the first to discover tea and all its medical benefits.

But most importantly…

Shen Nong studied and tested over 360 different herbs to discover their medical benefits.

You’ve probably heard about the medical benefits of ginseng: weight loss, brain health, and soothing inflammation.

We only know that because of Shen Nong.

Or maybe you’ve heard how sesame improves skin health and reduces your risk of heart disease…

Or how honeysuckle supports both your digestive and respiratory systems…

Or how ginger can reduce muscle pain and cure nausea…

Or all the medical uses for asparagus, peony, or ephedra?

It’s thanks to Shen Nong that we know the health-boosting properties of these herbs.

In many of the top hospitals throughout Asia, doctors still use his natural methods.

In fact, independent medical studies from the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine1 and the Journal of Pharmacology2 have found that many of Shen Nong’s natural methods are more effective than surgery!

You can see why he’s called the Father of Chinese Medicine.

But here’s the most fascinating part: Even mainstream western medicine wouldn’t exist without Shen Nong.

Not only did he develop basic medical principles like measuring your pulse, but his herbal discoveries became the basis of some of the most common drugs today.

Aspirin, for example, was developed from willow bark – an herb Shen Nong wrote about 5000 years ago.

Your local pharmacy would be empty if it weren’t for Shen Nong.

Not that the medical industry will admit it. It's their dirty little secret – that all the billions of dollars they earn are thanks to the Father of Chinese Medicine.

But despite all the good he’s done in the world…

At least half of Shen Nong’s writings were lost, hidden inside his missing book

Acupuncture, the 360 herbs, aspirin – that’s all less than 50% of his discoveries.

That’s why researchers were so devoted to finding Shen Nong’s “Old Testament of Natural Health.”

Just the surviving 50% of Shen Nong's writings had already revolutionized the medical world… what other shocking health discoveries would the hidden 50% contain?

Today, researchers have finally discovered his lost work and realized they’ve been walking right past it nearly every day of their lives.

They found the painfully obvious key to deciphering this hidden text to learn hundreds of life-saving secrets…

The most shocking secrets revealed are the Two Blood Sugar Traps and the flower related to the buttercup that supports healthy blood sugar.

This flower could be the relief that millions of Americans have been longing for…

But like I warned you…

The Medical Industry CEOs Have Caught Wind of His Lost Work, and They’re Trying to Sweep It Back Under The Rug!

They WANT you to worry about your blood sugar.

They WANT you to stress out about what foods you eat.

They WANT you to feel exhausted – all the time.

Not because they sadistically enjoy your suffering, but because your suffering puts the money in their pockets to buy their fancy cars, mansions, and yachts.

So before they take down this website, make sure to keep reading so I can share with you the story of how my friend Jason went from almost ending his own life to taking complete control of his blood sugar…

And the dramatic story of exactly how researchers walked right past Shen Nong’s lost writings every single day before finally realizing how to decipher them…

And the truth about the Two Deadly Blood Sugar Traps and the flower that will miraculously support your own healthy blood sugar.

I’ll share with you stories like Corinne T.’s, who shared with me:

“I knew I would die early from blood sugar complications—just as my mother and brother did, both at age 56. Most meds didn’t help me, and I couldn’t afford the one that did. What else could I do? I kept postponing my doctor’s appointment because my blood sugar numbers were too high and I felt like a failure.

At first, I thought this presentation might just be a lot of hype, but I thought, what the heck—what if by some chance it worked? Also, I knew I couldn’t keep postponing my doctor’s appointment, and I was feeling desperate.

Within a week of following the advice in this presentation, my blood sugar feels more in control. I have more energy and I feel great. I now walk my dog twice a day for 20-30 minutes each time. I feel positive about my health, my skin is glowing, and I am losing weight.

I no longer fear that I will die early. I’m looking forward to a long, happy future of traveling with my husband to visit our grandkids. I’m excited and no longer fear going to the doctor… just watch this presentation and see for yourself!”

Before we look at more stories like Corinne’s…

But first…

Let me take a second to introduce myself, and show you why I have a personal interest in helping YOU find a natural solution for healthy blood sugar.

Like I mentioned, my name is Dr. Ryan Shelton. I'm the medical director at Zenith Labs®. My background is in clinical and investigative research in holistic medicine, herbal medicine, and skin care.

I founded and developed Whole-Body Health, a family practice in Kansas City. In addition, I'm the head researcher, formulator, and consultant at the University Compounding Pharmacy in San Diego.

As you can see, my whole life revolves around finding today’s biggest breakthroughs in proven alternative medicine.

But I'm happiest working one-on-one with my patients here in Hawaii, where I now live with my family and where I help people find natural, total solutions to their health issues.

Many of my patients have spent years struggling with their blood sugar.

Having to stress and worry about their blood sugar from the moment they eat breakfast in the morning, to any snacks they have throughout the day, or any time they just want to go out and enjoy their lives…

Being forced to feel guilty about eating their favorite foods like pizza, pasta, or a nice juicy cheeseburger – or even being forced to stop eating them completely…

Feeling trapped by low energy – staying home, scared the day’s activities will be too much for their blood sugar…

Worrying that they’re a burden on their family – that their husband, wife, or children have to be extra careful what meals they prepare and which activities they plan…

Feeling the judgment of their doctor or even their loved ones – afraid that this is their own fault and they're lazy…

Despair that their health will only get worse, facing a hopeless future…

Now, these aren’t just my patients, they’re my friends.

And one of my friends – whose story just about broke my heart – is a man named Jason.

I met Jason a few years ago when he was 58 years old.

He was fortunate enough to retire early, and his life revolved around one thing: his family. He lived for his son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter.

Spending time with them made him feel young again.

But Jason had a significant problem.

He was overweight, and his doctor was concerned about his blood sugar levels.

He couldn’t eat his favorite foods. He had such low energy that he could barely walk up a flight of stairs without panting for breath.

It seemed like every day he was worried about his blood sugar levels. It was taking over his life.

And he thought maybe he was paranoid, but he noticed that his family invited him over less often.

He didn’t blame them.

He told me…

“Who wants an old man around who has to sit down all the time and can’t even eat normal foods?”

Jason said maybe it was his fault, too.

He worried he was a burden, so he didn’t invite them as much, either.

He was overwhelmed with loneliness… and it was all because his body had betrayed him.

Then one day, Jason’s son called.

His granddaughter was going on a field trip, and they needed chaperones. Jason’s son asked if he’d be interested.

Of course he said yes!

A day spent with his granddaughter? How could he say no?

Then he found out that the field trip was a trip to the zoo.

Lions, and tigers, and…
several miles of walking.

Jason couldn’t do that.

What about his blood sugar?

What if he got fatigued?

What if he had to sit down… or even passed out?

He’d traumatize his granddaughter.

He had to say no.

Jason hung up the phone and stared down at his dinner.

He felt angry, depressed, and devastated.

But most of all, he felt empty.

For a moment, he’d thought maybe his physical problems weren’t holding him back. Maybe they weren’t isolating him from his loved ones.

But after that phone call…

The proof was right in front of his face.

His body had betrayed him.

Jason's blood sugar stopped him from spending time with his granddaughter, and confirmed his fear that it made him isolated and lonely.

Jason later confided in me that for some time, he had dark thoughts:

If his body was going to keep him trapped and alone until the day he died, what was the point of living?

Why not end it sooner?

I Thank God Every Day That I Met Jason When I Did.

He contacted me and asked for help. He told me everything that had been going on, and how he felt like his body was falling apart and betraying him.

I knew that I had to help him. Not just because I’m a doctor, but because he was a fellow human in need. I hated seeing him so depressed, lonely, and without hope.

Fortunately, I had just heard about Shen Nong’s rediscovered writings, and the secrets they contained about maintaining healthy blood sugar.

I had a feeling that the Father of Chinese Medicine would have the key to giving my friend Jason his life back.

Because the story of Shen Nong’s lost work is fascinating. Like something straight out of Indiana Jones.

He’d already made so many contributions to both Chinese and Western Medicine. Aspirin, acupuncture, and the medicinal use of hundreds of herbs.

Even still, researchers knew that we only had a fraction of his writings.

Shen Nong’s book had been missing for thousands of years, and it seemed it would be lost forever…

…Until a part-time librarian noticed something strange on a shelf in the back room.

It was a book of Ancient Chinese legends, and inside was a page of information on life-saving herbs.

All the words on that page were written in red ink.

She later found a similar page in a book on Chinese history. Again, all the text was in red.

Then in another book, and another.

Researchers caught word of what she’d found, and connected a few dots.

That red ink meant something special.

See, ancient Chinese authors didn’t think about plagiarism like you and I might. It was perfectly okay to copy chapters of other writers’ books and put them in your own.

Now, Shen Nong was so important – even in his own time – that these writers wanted to ensure they set his words apart from everyone else's.

They wrote in red ink whenever they included Shen Nong’s passages.

So while all the original copies of his lost “Old Testament of Natural Health” were gone forever, the words from that book had been preserved by other writers.

Shen Nong’s lost work still existed, hidden in the pages of other books!

Researchers combed through every ancient Chinese book they could get their hands on, finding red text that ancient writers had copied word-for-word from Shen Nong.

From those passages, they pieced together Shen Nong’s forgotten book.

The Father of Chinese Herbal Medicine’s lost work had been found.

Already, his recovered work is changing Natural Medicine as we know it and saving millions of lives.

There are thousands of amazing secrets in there, but when I heard about this discovery, I thought of my friend Jason.

I’ve already mentioned that I’ve served as the Chief Medical Director for several worldwide organizations.

I used my connections to get my hands on a copy of Shen Nong’s rediscovered book.

I dove in and looked for one thing…

What Did The Father of Chinese Medicine Say About Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar?

If I could find this secret, I could give Jason his life back.

Not to mention the other millions of men and women over 45 who worry about their blood sugar.

Fortunately, Shen Nong had addressed this very problem.

The ancient Chinese secret to maintaining blood sugar comes from a flower called…

The ancient Chinese secret to maintaining blood sugar comes from a flower called…

The Chinese Goldthread

The Chinese Goldthread

If you saw it in the wild, you’d just think it was a buttercup.

But Shen Nong knew it for its healing properties.

And in fact, there are close relatives of the Chinese Goldthread with the same herbal properties that grow right here in the United States.

I almost couldn’t believe it…

The solution to support healthy blood sugar may even be growing right in my backyard!

I wanted to rush straight to Jason and tell him the news.

But first, I wanted to be 100% sure this was legitimate.

I wanted to see the science behind it.

Let me tell you…

Today’s Medical Research About This Flower is Shocking.

Modern researchers have analyzed Chinese Goldthread and extracted its healing essence…

It’s a molecule called Berberine.

Berberine helps combat the Two Deadly Blood Sugar Traps.

The first trap is inflamed cells.

Certain proteins and lipids become too active in your body, and they cause inflammation in your cells. Those irritated cells lead to unbalanced blood sugar.

Berberine helps support a natural, healthy balance in inflammation in your cells, which helps keep your blood sugar balanced.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Berberine lowers the activity of those certain proteins and lipids. It supports a healthy inflammatory response in your body, and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.3

A scientific review, published by the Institute of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, declared that, “studies have shown that Berberine could inhibit the absorption of glucose, and eliminate intestinal inflammation.”

So Berberine targets your blood sugar directly, and it targets inflammation.1

That means it’s a simple, no-nonsense method to support healthy blood sugar.

It is a method that doesn't require strict, depressing diets.

Isn’t that a relief, hearing that you can support healthy blood sugar with something so simple?

But remember…

Out-of-control inflammation is only the first Blood Sugar Traps.

The second deadly blood traps are the fat deposits that strangle your pancreas.

Your pancreas’ number one job is keeping your blood sugar levels healthy.

So when fat deposits start squeezing and crushing your pancreas, it can’t do its job as well. And that can affect your blood sugar.

Luckily, Berberine breaks down those fat deposits.

Researchers at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology – one of the top medical schools in the world – discovered that Berberine can break down fat deposits around the pancreas, and prevent new fat deposits from forming.1

Another study, published in the journal Pharmacological Research, tested 3,000 patients to show that Berberine contributed to healthy blood sugar and lower plasma lipids – the type of fat that clings to your pancreas.2

With those fat deposits gone, your pancreas more easily performs its natural function of helping maintain healthy blood sugar.

So Berberine supports healthy blood sugar levels with a one-two punch: supporting a healthy inflammatory response, and breaking down the fat deposits around your pancreas.

It always shocks me just how much ancient Chinese medicine knew about our health.

Today, people feel frustrated and overwhelmed trying to keep their blood sugar healthy…

But all along, Shen Nong’s natural secret to maintaining healthy blood sugar has been hiding in plain sight for thousands of years.

Berberine is truly amazing.

This miracle molecule has even displayed other benefits, like helping promote heart health…

Researchers at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine discovered that six weeks of Berberine treatment supports healthy circulation and protects against cardiac dysfunction!8

And finding Berberine isn’t as hard as you’d think.

The Chinese Goldthread plant was the first source we knew about, but there are others.

Some you can find in your own backyard! Like the California Poppy, Yellowroot, and the Amur Cork tree.

Although, for the best results, you do need to get it from exactly the right source, but I’ll cover that more in a minute.

Now that I’d discovered the science behind Berberine, I was almost ready to help Jason.

But first, I wanted to make sure my advice to him was absolutely perfect.

So I dove deeper into my research…

And I Found Two Other Ingredients That Amplify Berberine’s Results!

The first is called Curcumin, which comes from Turmeric Root, and it supports your body’s natural balance of insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance.

Curcumin is a main building block of turmeric, a type of ginger.

A medical study performed at the University of Malaysia Medical Center in the journal discovered that – like Berberine – Curcumin also supports a natural, healthy inflammatory  state in your cells.4

Another study by the Department of Food Science and Engineering in South Korea, found that…

People who eat more foods that contain Curcumin have lower blood sugar levels and lower levels of pancreas-hijacking lipids.5

And healthy blood sugar isn’t the only benefit…

Researchers at the Hokkaido University School of Medicine in Japan, discovered that Curcumin protects the muscles and bone health of people with blood sugar concerns, and helps prevent annoying aches and pains!14

You can find Curcumin in supplements in the grocery store, or in turmeric itself…

But taken by itself, Curcumin won’t work.

You have an enzyme in your liver called “UGT” that latches onto Curcumin and breaks it down before it can do its job.

This is why I recommend Curcumin always be taken with Piperine, so you can get the full blood sugar supporting synergy…

Piperine comes from the black pepper plant.

It breaks down the UGT in your liver before that UGT can destroy the Curcumin, allowing Curcumin to do its job of helping maintain your natural insulin sensitivity.6

And on top of that, two studies published in the Journal of Food Chemistry and the Chinese Pharmacology Bulletin showed that…

Piperine has its own blood sugar-balancing properties.

Both found that Piperine increased insulin sensitivity, which helps regulate blood sugar.7, 8

Even more exciting, Piperine is a natural fat-loss booster.

Researchers published in the journal Chemico-Biological Interactions said…

“Our study concludes that Piperine can be well considered as an effective bioactive molecule to suppress body weight, improve insulin and lipid sensitivity, ultimately leading to regulate [body weight].”9

So while it’s helping balance your blood sugar, Piperine will also be helping you shed those extra pounds, so you can be more confident when you look in the bathroom mirror.

Plus, trimming extra flab makes it even easier to take control of your blood sugar.

Now, Piperine is a little more challenging to find than Berberine and Curcumin.

Not many stores carry Piperine supplements, and you’d have to drown your meals in black pepper to get an effective amount.

Some folks order it from overseas, but I didn’t want Jason or my other patients to have to do that.

I also didn’t want them to have to guess at the amounts and ratios of each ingredient, or wonder about their source and quality.

I wanted Jason to get the full effect of Shen Nong’s rediscovered knowledge…

…and the combined synergy of Berberine, Curcumin, and Piperine.

So on a cool autumn Saturday last year, I sat down with Jason and explained everything I’d discovered.

I helped him find natural, high quality sources of all three ingredients. And I showed him the precise ratio and amount that would be most effective.

Jason added these natural herbs to his daily routine, and let me tell you, I’ve never been so happy for one of my patients.

Within just a few days, he noticed a difference.

He just felt healthier.

The first difference he noticed was that he walked out to the mailbox and back without losing his breath.

Then he realized he could eat his favorite foods without feeling the dizziness and uneasiness of fluctuating blood sugar.

Over the next few weeks, these natural herbs worked a miracle for Jason.

His blood sugar stayed at healthy levels.

And that meant each day he felt his energy come back stronger and stronger.

He was able to go for long walks – even get back to the gym – without feeling completely exhausted afterward.

Jason even lost a lot of the extra flab around his gut.

Jason’s body had stopped betraying him.

Hope and Confidence Returned To His Life

Jason no longer worried that he was a burden on his family, or that they secretly judged him about his health.

He confidently invited them over often, and noticed that they invited him on more and more family trips.

One Sunday, about two months after I started helping Jason, he had his son’s family over for dinner.

After Jason served them a delicious meal of spaghetti and meatballs – followed by extra-large pieces of chocolate cake – his son said…

“What’ve you been doing differently? You look fantastic!”

And here’s my favorite part, when I knew Shen Nong’s lost book had really made a difference in Jason’s life.

His granddaughter was babbling on and on about the animals she’d seen at the zoo on her field trip.

So Jason offered, “How about I take you to the zoo, and you show me?”

His granddaughter squealed with delight. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

His son asked if he was sure, but Jason wasn’t scared anymore. He knew he could handle it.

And so Jason took his granddaughter to the zoo, with lions, tigers, and miles of walking.

She excitedly led him from animal to animal, listing every fact she knew about them. A few hours into their adventure, she held his hand and said…

“I’m happy you’re not sick anymore and that you can be my friend again.”

That night, Jason called me and told me that he’d regained control of his life.

He wasn’t afraid of the future anymore.

He thanked me for helping him when everything looked dark.

Because now the future would be full of joyful times with his family, including all sorts of adventures with his granddaughter.

When I saw Jason's success, I knew I'd found something special.

I knew it was my duty as a doctor and human being to share the news of Berberine, Curcumin, and Piperine with all my patients, and as many people as possible.

Obviously, it wouldn’t make sense to sit down one-on-one with everyone like I did with Jason.

There are simply too many people who need it, and not enough time.

I decided the best option was to design an easier way for regular folks to get these natural herbs, without having to find the best sources around the world, and without having to figure out the precise ratios and amounts.

You need a done-for-you solution,

So I partnered with the experts at Zenith Labs® to create exactly that.

I worked with them to design and create a supplement that provides you with the highest quality Berberine, Curcumin, and Piperine, and has the precise amounts and ratios that will support healthy blood sugar.

It's called…

Blood Sugar Premier®

And it's specially designed for people who have tried everything they can think of to maintain healthy blood sugar but have still struggled…

People like Maria Pliss, age 59, who said:

"My blood sugar level used to be as high as 290. Since I started taking Blood Sugar Premier®, my blood sugar went down to 80 – the lowest it's been in years!"

And people like Marlene K., age 61, who said:

“Before I began taking Blood Sugar Premier®, my blood sugar was out of control. I felt helpless—nothing worked.

“Since using Blood Sugar Premier®, my blood sugar has been continually going down. I am still new at using this product, but my numbers are steadily going down from the 300 range to the 200 range. I will continue taking it until I reach the normal range. Thorough research has gone into the formulation of this product.”

Or John M., age 52, from California, who said:

“I couldn’t understand why my blood sugar was so high. I knew I had to do something about it, so I started researching. When I found out about Blood Sugar Premier® and read the ingredients, I knew they would work, especially in this particular combination. Now that I’ve been taking it, my blood sugar ACI reads 6 to 7 in the morning, and 5.5 in the afternoon. I have felt better as a result, and I will reorder again for sure. It is a quality product that works!”

NOW: In order to understand what ‘Blood Sugar Premier®is - it helps first to understand what it’s NOT…

Blood Sugar Premier® is not:

A dangerous drug with frustrating side effects…

Magic pills that let you eat candy all day…

Injections you must self-administer several times a day…

A radical diet that requires monk-like self-denial…

Or any nonsense like that…


Blood Sugar Premier® is a simple, natural formulation that combines the perfect ratio of Berberine, Curcumin, and Piperine for maximum effectiveness.

Then, it adds a blend of natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals, each one hand selected to give you faster, stronger effects from the three key ingredients.

It combines the wisdom of Shen Nong – the Father of Chinese Medicine – with today’s most up-to-date medical research… to give you a precise method of maintaining your blood sugar levels.

And as you’ll see in a moment…

It’s 100% Guaranteed to Work For You.

I chose to work with Zenith Labs® to produce Blood Sugar Premier® because they’re one of just a few companies in the world that use only manufacturing facilities certified by cGMP, the world’s leading public health and safety certification body.

Other companies skip compliance because it’s expensive and time-consuming, but like I said, for Blood Sugar Premier® to work, the ratio of the three ingredients has to be exact.

And other companies use what’s called “private label” supplements. That means they buy a premade supplement, slap their label on it, and sell it as their own. The problem with "private label" is that there are so many middlemen involved that the supplement ends up shoddy quality, with uncontrolled ratios of only the cheapest ingredients – mostly rejects and leftovers.

And Zenith is the only company that manufactures
Blood Sugar Premier®,
so I can guarantee that every ingredient and every step of the manufacturing process is pristine:

We only receive our raw materials from the highest quality sources.

In the lab, each ingredient is analyzed using FTIR spectroscopy – an expensive process that guarantees the material is exactly what it’s supposed to be.

The most important step is weighing the raw ingredients using precision scales to ensure that they are the EXACT amounts and ratios that maintain your healthy blood sugar levels.

And then, one final test is conducted to make sure that every single capsule contains exactly what’s on the label… nothing morenothing less.

Finally – after passing all these tests, Blood Sugar Premier® is ready. 

So when you order a bottle of
Blood Sugar Premier®, you can rest assured…

1. You're getting ingredients shown to support healthy blood sugar levels – among other health benefits.

2. You're getting the highest quality ingredients available.

3. You aren't getting anything extra – like yeast, mold… or worse.

We spend about 4x more than the other guys to achieve these levels of quality and precision, leaving very little margin for profit…

Sold by itself, Blood Sugar Premier® is normally $147 a bottle…

And at that price, it’s a steal. After all, you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind, being able to play with your grandchildren again, or finally feeling in control of your health and happiness.

But we want to make it even easier on you, so we’re offering you a limited-time, exclusive discount, but…

It’s Only Available on This Page and Only for a Limited Time…

There just isn’t another source where you can get all three critical ingredients mixed to the ideal ratio… trust me, I looked.

As I mentioned, our premium quality eats up a lot of our profits, but in my book, making a difference in someone’s life is more important than making a huge profit.

In fact, here’s what a recent customer – Paul A. from Illinois – shared with me the other day:

And Kathy Newell said:

Eunice Ibarra said:

Paul A. from Illinois said:

Brenda C. from Arkansas said:

Trish, age 57, from California said:

And I get messages like that every single day.

Look, I get it. In today’s economy, most folks are looking for ways to save money.

So I want to make sure that price is not a problem for anyone who needs Blood Sugar Premier®

So you won’t pay $147 per bottle… or even $79… Your total investment today is…

Just $49 per bottle.

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6 Bottles

6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $198.00

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· 180-Days Guarantee ·

3 Bottles

3-Month Supply



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+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

1 Bottle

1-Month Supply


TOTAL: $49.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·


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